10 Best Green Cars of 2013

This year has been the greatest one for green cars. Many of drivers are selling their previous cars and looking for the best green cars on market. So, either the car is hybrid, diesel or even in whole electric, buyers these days want to have the aptitude to drive the car they want with the power train they favor. We choose some of the best green cars in our option, so you can be sure what you want. Here are the 10 Best Green Cars of 2013.

1. 2013 Nissan LEAF
10 Best Green Cars of 2013_01
This is by far the best green car for this year. Nissan LEAF offers great balance of range, level-headedness, and many more improvement. All of those things make this car the perfect solution if you want to go green. And best of all, the price of this car is reduced, so you can find a brand new 2013 Nissan LEAF for just $22,000.

2. 2013 Tesla Model S
10 Best Green Cars of 2013_02
Tesla is first thing when people speak about green cars. Especially the S Model, because it is the electric car that will most probable grow mainstream achievement. With sweltering speeding up, different but refined fashion, plentiful inner space and an EPA-estimated 265-mile array, the Model S is one of the best green cars available.

3. 2013 Ford Focus
10 Best Green Cars of 2013_03
This 5-door hatchback features some of the most advanced technologies and with a highly developed power train that join up a 107 kW electric motor with a Lithium-ion battery the end result is an enjoyable, sensible and as green as the car can be.

4. 2013 Chevrolet Volt
10 Best Green Cars of 2013_04
The Chevrolet Volt is a plug-in hybrid electric car manufactured by General Motors, also sold as the Holden Volt in Australia and New Zealand. With a diverse styling it is sold as the Vauxhall Ampera in Great Britain and as the Opel Ampera in the rest of Europe. It is an all-electric car for the first 38 miles after a full charge, and then a gas engine kicks in to deliver the next 344 miles.

5. 2013 Toyota Prius Plug-in
10 Best Green Cars of 2013_05
In our opinion this is the best car for the money. Plug-in charging boosts already exceptional fuel economy; space-efficient interior; generous number of standard features; quiet, and comfortable ride are just some of the pros for this cars.

6. 2013 Ford C-MAX Energi
10 Best Green Cars of 2013_06
The Toyota Prius Plug-in has a new participant in the 2013 Ford C-Max Energi. A nicer interior, improved driving dynamics and enhanced electric range and routine give the C-Max the lead. Also there is high fuel economy complemented by practical plug-in hybrid technology, fashionable and well-made interior, sophisticated handling and ride, speedy acceleration, plentiful features list, and elevated driving spot.

7. 2013 Volkswagen Jetta
10 Best Green Cars of 2013_07
VW Jetta is an amusing European sedan that has 45 combines mpg and the price is well under $25,000. Also this car is roomy and fairly efficient, particularly when prepared with the diesel engine.

8. 2013 Honda Fit
10 Best Green Cars of 2013_08
Giving out the most interior and exterior tads with its gas-powered matching part, the Fit EV is in fact the subsequent battery electric car Honda has sold in the U.S. Though only in limited edition the lease-only Fit EV astonish as one of the most dominant and energy-efficient EVs accessible.

9. 2013 Toyota Avalon
10 Best Green Cars of 2013_09
With new features and a brand new look for 2013, the Toyota Avalon should receive new admiration as a top preference for a full-size sedan.

10. 2013 Lincoln MKZ
10 Best Green Cars of 2013_10
Although the symbol might suggest conventional extravagance, the Lincoln MKZ Hybrid is an up to date hi-tech inspiration on all borders. From the hybrid power train to the MyLincoln Touch system to the smooth, coupe-like profile, Lincoln’s gas/electric mid-size sedan is a modern car that will going to satisfy every need.

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