Decrease Of the Fuel Consumption

Today, when the prices of oil are constantly growing the majority of people are concerned about the affordability of driving a vehicle. Not only the car owners are concerned; environmentalists also always warn that fossil fuels are running out and some other solution should be found.

One of the solutions would be to decrease the fuel consumption. For example, one can drive slower and maintain the same speed all time, or use air conditioning to the minimum as well as change the oil and the air filters in the car on a regular basis. However, the fuel saving would not be impressive and these procedures are not cost-free. Some people also decide to buy a car that saves fuel, but a statistic shows that as many as fifteen per cent of car buyers are not satisfied with its fuel saving features.

There is also the possibility to use products which saves fuel. Several categories are available on the market and one of them  are gas additives. They are really effective as far as costs are affected and a driver do not need to worry about possible low performance of the engine, high exhaust emissions or short engine life. These products are proven environmentally-friendly. The process of achieving these excellent properties is indeed simple: the hydrocarbons in the gas have the tendency  to curl up and form clusters, and oxygen can not reach the fuel completely. Because of that,  the gas hydrocarbons burn incompletely and what is not burned culminate through exhaust emissions. The products that save fuel work to improve this process and lower exhaust emissions. Each product that that saves fuel must be added when filling up the gas tank, bit it is important to know that the effects will be obvious only after several fill-ups of the tank.

On the other hand, there are people who make their own biodiesel fuel from used vegetable oil to run their cars, in order to reduce their dependence on oil. A process of making biodiesel from vegetable oil is called transesterification. The glycerine is divided from the oil leaving pure fuel that can efficiently power any diesel engine. In addition, biodiesel is environmentally-friendly because the exhaust emission are largely reduced. In order to become a biodiesel user, your car have to be converted. To make biodiesel, vegetable oil, methanol, a small amount of catalyst, electricity and tap water have to be added into this conversion.

If fuel saving products or biodiesel are not available to you, then you can contribute in the following: rather us  public transport or walk 5-10 minutes to the shop instead of driving and you will certainly save your money and do something good for the environment.

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