Eco-Friendly Insurance Policies

Most things that we do or buy in our day-to-day lives now carry greater significance than ever before. No matter what it is we are doing, there is one question which is always on the tip of our tongue: “what impact is this having on the environment?”

‘Sustainability’ is a buzz word in almost every company and advertising campaign as more and more of us look for ways to protect our future and limit our impact upon the environment. There is no shortage of choice when it comes to ‘green’ alternatives – and the insurance market is no exception.

How can home insurance ‘go green’?

Most of the major insurance companies now offer policies that are aimed to attract the more eco-conscious amongst us – and this doesn’t only apply to the more obvious insurance policies, such as those for cars and other vehicles. It also applies to other everyday items covered by buildings and contents insurance policies.

Some contents insurance now guarantees to replace electrical appliances with new A rated energy efficiency models wherever possible. This means that, if your claim for a new appliance is approved, you’ll get a model that has been designed to be environmentally beneficial.

Similar buildings insurance policies promise that any extensive repairs or rebuilding work carried out will be completed to Level 4 standard of the Code for Sustainable Homes. This code rating runs from Level 1 to Level 6, with Level 6 being the highest.

There are even companies which specialised in only providing ‘green’ cover, but these usually expect your home to fulfil certain qualifying criteria. This may include having solar panels fitted or using a ‘grey water system’ – a form of water recycling.

These policies are kept as affordable as possible and it is vital that you take the time to protect your home. Shockingly, a report by the BBC revealed that more than 1.5 million UK homes may not have buildings insurance, leaving these homeowners exposed to unnecessary risks.

Driving down harmful emissions

Of course, car insurance is the most obvious area of insurance where environmental considerations come into effect. Car insurance is a legal requirement in the UK and there are policies on the market which promise to offset an amount of your car’s annual CO² emissions by planting the equivalent number of trees it takes to absorb that amount of CO². This is a fantastically practical way of ‘giving something back’ in an extremely positive manner.

Affordable insurance

If you are interested in looking into the kind of deals on offer, websites such as are a perfect place to start. After all, environmental preservation really is an area where we should all be trying to do the most we possibly can and changing your insurance could be the first step in this process.

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