Electricity Monitor

Like any organism, our planet works as a whole, as one system. One of those systems that help the Earth works properly is the climate system. People are still in a struggle how to completely understand this system. But one is certain, each human action affects the condition of the climate. Each change that is made by man has a lot of consequences, such as global warming.
The major cause of global warming is a gas that naturally occurs – carbon dioxide (CO2). For the past half a million years, the level of carbon dioxide in ice cores have remained between 180 and 300 parts per million. On the other side, the level of C02 in recent years has risen sharply to at least 380 parts per million. In the past, these natural emissions have been balanced by absorptions of the nature, such as by photosynthesis. However, these days there is more emission of CO2 into the atmosphere than it can be absorbed and this is the main problem.
And why it is a problem? Well, because the temperature of the planet increases and this affects every part of the planet and this does not only affects the lives of people, but also the wildlife. A lots of species face potential extinction. Regarding to the human population, a significant increase of social and political problems can be seen. Furthermore, migration increases because of the climate changes along with water and food shortages in some regions.

Although the pace of contemporary life-style can not be slowed down completely, some modifications in behavior can affect the rate of climate changes. The rate of CO2 emissions can be reduced by new, low carbon technologies. More importantly, the changes have to involve everyone and start at an individual level. In the developed countries the supply of energy, water and food has been taken for granted. However, more and more people want to take part in preservation of the Planet. For example, in order to understand the cost of electricity, not just in financial terms but also in the way the electrical usage has an impact on the environment, many people started to use an electricity monitor. This device provides up to the second information on the amount of electricity that are used in terms of both power and cost. Thus, the benefits of turning off electrical devices at home can be seen in real time.

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