Green Your Easter

It’s Easter time once again! Easter is about the return of spring, and what’s better way to celebrate Easter than going green. You can use Easter to teach your kids thing or two about how to be more eco-friendly, and we have just perfect ideas for you. Sustainable celebration of Easter is right way to go, you can start with a few little steps and in no time you’ll be surprised how much you can do for environment.
Green Your Easter

So, let’s start with a few ideas for your green Easter:

The Basket:
As an alternative, and wasting money and valuable natural resources on expensive Easter basket, just go to your local secondhand store or street market and look for a real natural basket.

If you are feeling ambitious enough then you can make your own basket. Just be creative, follow your instincts and you will create a beautiful and unique basket. Your kids will be thrill, and even they can help you, so it’s another way to teach them about environmental responsibility.

The Grass:
We got a beautiful natural basket, and we cannot ruin it with plastic grass. Just go outside of your house, grab some grass from your own lawn, and if you prefer to do something else, you can go through the pages of a magazines and shred anything green and in a matter of minutes you’ve got grass-like filler for basket.

The Egg Dyes:
Don’t use artificial food dyes. Vegetables, fruits and spices offer a broad variety of color possibilities: from orange to blue, lavender and bright red. Boil eggs in water with a teaspoon of vinegar. For desired color add ingredients below. If you want a darker shade, put the brew in the fridge for some overnight diffusion.

Blue: red cabbage leaves, canned blueberries.
Light Yellow: orange or lemon peels, celery seed, carrot tops or ground cumin.
Pink: cranberries, beets, frozen raspberries.
Yellow: Saffron, ground turmeric.
Lavender: grape juice.
Orange: yellow onionskins.
Pale Green: spinach leaves.
Red: red onion skins.
Beige/Brown: strong brewed coffee.

The Candy:
Easter without the candies? No way! Sure you need to put some sweets in that beautiful basket of ours, but you don’t need to go crazy about candies. Pick a few candies with organic ingredients, and also include some different things in your kid’s basket, like homemade treats and such.

Nature appreciation:
The most important part of Easter is to get outside and discover the nature. This Easter maybe you can plant a tree in your yard, or start some seedlings indoors so you can transplanted outside later in the year. Also, Easter is a great time for some pruning and prepping flower beds. If you’re not in mood for get dirty, you can get outside for a hike, or ride a bike with your kids. Great idea is to go to the near park and play Easter egg hunt with your kids.

The most important thing in our green Easter is to put your family first.

Happy Easter! Be free to leave your suggestions for Green Easter below.

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