Home Insurance is an Important Part of Keeping Your Home’s Value Intact

Many people scoff at home insurance, claiming it to be little more than an unnecessary expense that will probably never be needed. What these people don’t realize is that having insurance can benefit you for as long as you own your home, particularly where finances are concerned. It gives you a reliable safety net that can protect you and your family should something unfortunate occur. Though it is typically costly, you may find that the long term benefits of buying insurance far outweigh the risks.

Nature’s Fury

When homes are damaged, the most likely culprit is usually mother nature. Severe weather like hail, extreme winds, lightning and tornadoes can all lead to expensive repairs. Also, that that unassuming tree right next to your home might grow up to fall right on to the roof. Insurance makes sure that you are covered for these types of damages so that you won’t have to meet with financial hardship to fix the problem.

If your home is completely destroyed by natural forces, the rebuilding process can take a long time and insurance may cover temporary lodgings for you and your family.


Many homes contain valuable items that can be easily lost if catastrophe strikes. Home insurance often protects not only your home itself, but everything inside, as well. Should your valuables be lost or damaged, your insurance policy should cover their repair or replacement up to the amount of their worth. It is also common for this type of insurance to cover losses and damage incurred during a burglary.


Choosing to have insurance on your home can protect your health in the long run! The negative effects of stress on health, such as heart disease, cancer and obesity, are well documented. Worrying about how you will make ends meet should anything happen to your home is very stressful. You’ll sleep peacefully at night and spend less time ruminating on the “what ifs” with insurance to protect you.

Malfunctioning Appliances

Because household appliances are so ingrained into everyday life, people sometimes forget about the destructive power they can unleash upon your home. Washers can malfunction and spew bucketfuls of water all over your floors, causing serious moisture damage. Clothes dryers can catch fire and set your entire home ablaze. Gas appliances like cookers, furnaces and water heaters can explode, reducing your home to a pile of barely recognizable rubble. Most home insurance policies cover these types of damage.

Long-term Savings

Though some people believe that they will save money by not purchasing insurance for their home, this is a misconception. If structural damage is bad enough, the repair may end up costing far more than you would have paid in insurance premiums.

Liability Insurance

Should anyone get injured whilst in your home or on your property, your home insurance may protect you from liability and prevent you from having to deal with lawsuits. Your insurance company will cover the medical costs of the injured person.

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