How social media coverage can assist online casinos

Today social media has become key in any properly balanced promotional campaign and this applies to online casinos as it does to any commercial activity. We will look at the traditional approach to online casino promotion and examine the impact of social media on the promotional mix.

The online casino has been around for many years and is today a very important part of the web. When it was first developed online casino operators relied on the more traditional marketing tools to promote it. These included the usual mix of paid for advertising on TV and in the press along with press releases and news releases that were managed by their PR departments or outsourced to PR professionals.

It was not until around 1994 that the first search engines appeared and it was not until around 2000 that Google became prominent. It was around 1997 that the term SEO or search engine optimisation was coined. SEO involves using various techniques to ensure that specific websites appear high in the search engine results and online casino operators used it so that their online casinos appeared higher than those of their competitors.

social media

Social media as we know it today also began around 2000, though its roots are much earlier than that. Today it has become a major phenomenon and it is one of the most important aspects of the web. Essentially is all about user generated content and sharing information with friends, contacts and followers and it is a crucial promotional tool for businesses.

It means that an online and ipad casino can provide information to members of social networks in the knowledge that they will pass this information on, and the recipients will pass it on again thus generating a massive network. Casinos can also become involved in and initiate conversations with groups of users and use this to learn what their customers really want so that they can develop an improved user experience.

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