How to Install Your Solar Panel

For the last few decades, houses with the solar panel on the rooftop have gone from oddity to ordinary. Now days you can find solar panels almost in every depot for home improvement, which is the great thing especially having in mind that the people these days can mount solar panels by themselves. Truth to be told, technology has been available for more decades, even since the 1950s when passive solar heating systems was used to turn solar energy into heat as an alternative of electricity. From the first days NASA has also been using solar-powered satellites, but it wasn’t easy to get active solar systems in the common housing market. Main reason was expensive technology of photovoltaic cells which convert sunlight directly into electricity.

The reimbursements of housing solar power are noticeable: Power from the sun is eternal; it offer clean energy with no harmful gas emissions; and it can save a lot of money for the people with their electric bills. But beside these factors there are few others to be consider, such as position of the house, and of course overpriced costs of installing solar panel.

Solar panels are without a doubt the future of home-energy creation. Even they are maybe a little expensive to buy, but the truth is that once you’ve acquired the panels and installed them, the money you will put aside in the long period will turn out to be exponentially superior as energy prices boost.

How to Install Your Solar Panel
If you are handyman by yourself, and you are very capable with a tool belt, hammer & nails, screwdriver and drill then the project of installing your solar panel by yourselves is the way to go. Especially if you don’t want to pay a pricey contractor to mount it for you.

So, this is few easy steps for you to follow if you want to install your solar pane by yourself.

1. You’ll need to pick a place for solar panel on your roof, and it has to be side that receives the most sunlight.

2. Second thing is the latitude tilt, because if you live underneath 25 degrees latitude, your will need to tilt solar panels towards the sun in the quantity of latitude amount. 25 degrees latitude is the limit, and after that you gonna need to add five degrees for every further five degrees of latitude up to forty degrees. But, to not overbear you with mathematics we create a simple chart for you:

– 30 lat = 40 tilt
– 35 lat = 50 tilt
– 40 lat = 60 tilt
– 55 lat = 75 tilt

3. Your solar panels are supposed to be positioned four feet apart and on top of roof beam. You will need to use a blueprint of your house to find those roof beams, if you don’t know where are they positioned.

4. After that, we are going to drill some holes into roof beam, but very carefully, because we don’t want to cause any unnecessary damage. It is important to say that we are going to use these holes for fastening the solar panels to the roof.

5. You’ll need to secure the solar panels with some steel bolts, and be absolutely sure that you sealed the spot around the bolts in order to maintain your thermal wrapper air tight.

6. The other basic thing is to make sure that the solar panels are off the roof by at least a quarter of a foot, so that airflow can achieve peak efficiency.

7. After that, when you are finish with installing, the next thing is to connect it to your electrical supply. You will need permit from an electrician. Once you sort that thing out, your system is good to go.

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