New trends: Recycling Aluminum

In a past couple of years aluminum (or aluminium) recycling is very popular, and it’s fast growing recycling based industry. Beside beneficial for the earth, it is also good for all kind of business and community. Progress and recent discoveries have made the process much faster, very efficient, and much easier than in the past years, that you can save a lot of energy, money and time, which is crucial in taking your business up, and still be green.

If your business is dealing with a lot of used old aluminum, start looking for a recycling company closest to you, with a lot of experience working with both small and large businesses. It is very important that the company you chose can handle anything from aluminum cans to larger things, such as car components, old machines or similar staff. The only thing is that you make a fair deal, which helps your business to grow.


Aluminum have high market value compared to other metals, that is the reason aluminum industry spend over $750 million dollars for empty aluminum cans from consumers. Bottom line is that every dime counts, and that even a small return can easily add up over time. For big concerns and larger companies recycling aluminum waste has big impact to global revenue, and their profit margin is always rising for that matter.

The process of aluminum recycling is very simple, and involves re-melting the metal, which is far less expensive considering energy than making new aluminum. For example you only need 5% energy to scrap old aluminum than to make a new. Over 30% of all aluminum produced in US comes from recycling. Small cost is the main reason.

There is a space for a new business entrepreneur in aluminum recycling filed. Huge concerns and bigger companies need more capacity in aluminum recycling because of global market rising and demands.

Environmental benefits are huge. Recycling saves natural resources, time, energy, and the most important – money, and it’s all for a good cause. So we have a win-win situation. There’s a 60 days cycle for aluminum cans from store shelves to recycling and than put back again on store shelves. Most important fact is that aluminum is sustainable metal, and can be recycled over and over again. Economic benefits are even bigger. Aluminum can is the most recyclable product, and therefore profit margin for the company using them is always rising.

Interesting study in US shows that Americans throw away enough aluminum cans to rebuild an entire commercial air fleet every three months.

Brazil has biggest aluminum recycling rate. It’s up to 90%, and it is a fast growing recycling industry in that country.

Key Facts:
– Process of aluminum recycling is fast, easy, and save a lots of energy and money
– High price of aluminum on market
– Company can make even more money while disposing waste
– Profit margin in aluminum recycling business is rising
– Taking care of environment and community
– Tax benefits from recycling

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