The World Needs Renewable Energy

The world needs more and more energy. The constant increase in population brings with it the constantly growing needs for energy and the mankind is in the ongoing search for energy sources that would be appropriate to cover energy needs. There are times when the demand for energy is temporarily reduced for some reasons such as the global financial crisis and global recession. However, such events are transient, and after them the need for energy again rises. In the long run, demand for energy is increasing all the time.

Currently, the world covers its energy needs mainly from non-renewable sources of energy, mostly fossil fuels – coal, oil and natural gas. As the name suggests, these energy sources are not renewable, they can not last forever and will disappear within a certain period of time. In addition, fossil fuels are very harmful to the environment due to releasing of large amounts of carbon dioxide (CO2) or oil spilling at sea. Now, perhaps the most pronounced negative effect of fossil fuel is global warming – probably the greatest challenge that the human race has encountered in its short history.

Travelling of Tomorrow

When we consider the future opportunities of intercontinental or interstellar travel we are always faced with the same problems. The limitation of fuel tanks, range and fuel types, fossilized or any other kind, limit speed… Hypothetically, an average man is able to flight around the world in 80-100 hours. However, it would take 70.000 years with the fastest rockets to reach the next closest star.

Thus, the mankind is still in the process of trying to find a good, reliable and vastly available energy source. Nuclear power, because of the extreme energy output, was promised to be the energy of future.  It is estimated that one nuclear power plant generates as much energy per day as 50.000 wind power stations. Experts thought that the radioactive waste that was produced could be turn into non dangerous material within one and half decades. Unfortunately, in the past 60 years, when the first nuclear power station was built, there was not any development in the problem of recycling the radioactive waste.

Easy Solutions to Global Warming at our Fingertips

With so much information out there about global warming and the effects that are causing natural disasters, is there anything we as individuals can do
to make a difference? Yep! You don’t need to move mountains, but a small pebble can really make ripples that can create positive changes world
wide. Here’s a few “pebbles” you can use today!

We all feel we have a purpose in life. As more of us become aware of the damaging effects of global warming, we are also concerned about practical
solutions to the problem. Most importantly, how can we fit in as part of the solution, instead of the problem?

Unfortunately, many of us become overwhelmed when we watch the ever-increasing natural disasters and it starts to feel like the world is crashing
around us. I remember watching the plane hit the World Trade Center over and over and over again. I remember being completely paralyzed to the
television. Sleep was optional, but only in between important news breaks. I felt helpless. I wanted to understand the reasoning behind the attacks to
ease my fears of possible future attacks, but I mainly wanted a sense of control back into my life.