Retiring Abroad: Planning Ahead

For those who like to live in the moment, you may enjoy every day as it comes and have the benefit of reflecting on your impulse in your autumn years, but making sure those autumn years are just as fun requires smart preparation. Procrastination may as well be labelled an addiction as many people contract it during times of urgency and this applies to planning for our futures more than anything else.

When there’s planning to be done many of us will contently put it off until ‘tomorrow’ which often turns out to be a further few months into the future. The later you leave planning your retirement, the less you can do about it as the time nears. While planning for the future doesn’t seem like a fun time, it makes sure that you can enjoy it when it arrives.

The Benefits of Driving a Green-Economical Car

Purchasing a green-economical car is an option which has numerous advantages. It benefits you because you will save money in various ways over the long term and it also benefits the environment.

The Advantages

Perhaps the best thing about an eco-friendly car is that fuel consumption is reduced. This is obviously much better for the environment and it will save you a lot of money. Green cars use considerably less fuel and can go for many more miles for every gallon than ordinary vehicles.

As fuel consumption is much lower, green vehicles are less harmful to the quality of air. Pollution levels are reduced considerably as eco-friendly cars emit significantly lower amounts of harmful gases such as carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide.

Another thing to consider is that opting for a green, eco-friendly vehicle means cheap car insurance. Statistics show that eco-friendly cars are not as vulnerable to theft as ordinary cars and this is the major reason why your insurance premium is likely to be lower. In addition, eco-friendly cars are statistically less likely to be involved in accidents, which is something else that insurers take into account when calculating your premium.

The amount you pay in car tax is also considerably less when you buy a green car. While the new car tax system is relatively complex, for those operating the greenest of vehicles it is really rather simple. All cars that have a CO2 emission level of less than 100 g\km do not have to pay car tax.

Lost in the Mail: The History of Envelopes

Few people put much thought into selecting envelopes. Sure, they’ll opt for one with security features when they’re mailing a cheque. They may even dig through the stacks in the greeting card section to find one in a certain colour. In the end, though, the average person simply wants an envelope that’s big enough to contain the item in question—without being too big, of course.

However, there are certain people out there, who live, breathe, eat and drink envelopes. They wake up in the morning, yawn and prepare for another day devoted to everything about them: their colour, size, shape, closure type, thickness, intended purpose, durability, recycled material content, and more. Millions of people around the world work in the envelope manufacturing industry.

Need to know the basic dimensions of A5 envelopes in millimeters? These people could rattle off, “A5 envelopes are really called C5 envelopes, which are 162 by 229 millimeters and perfectly hold an A5 sheet of paper. Further, an A5 sheet of paper is actually just an A4 sheet of paper folded in half widthwise,” while patting their heads and rubbing their stomachs. It’s second nature.

Making Efforts to go Green at Trade Shows

‘Green’ is more than a buzzword these days – while some companies greenwash their business practices and make little effort to actually change their behaviour, some other companies are striving to make the world a better place and be more environmentally responsible. With talk of carbon taxes and impending climate change, it’s advisable to take steps toward the latter, whether fuelled by financial or moral incentives.

This article outlines some tips to help you go greener at trade shows, and is written on behalf of Marler Haley, who have many years’ experience in the exhibition industry. You can also visit their site and read about their recent ISO14001 environmental accreditation.

Moving with the Times

As time goes by technology and new innovations advance which often leads us into new areas of industry that never existed a few decades ago. This comes as great news to a struggling economy as there are new jobs available in online technology and energy saving companies, especially young companies in similar areas. Of course this has adverse effects on aging sectors as a result, but this is perhaps a form of ‘industrial evolution’ that is bound to occur and has done at certain points through history.

Tradesmen will always has a job, but in today’s society been able to know your way around a website is just as lucrative as knowing your way around a guy engine for example. Online skills and expertise are invaluable to businesses trading locally, nationally or internationally. Energy efficiency has become a worldwide issue which means there’s a market to be exploited – already you will find hundreds of company’s online offering services to make your home as efficient as possible. This includes making use of solar energy, installing energy efficient appliances and even collecting drain water for home water usage purposes.

Company Overview: the Office Refurbishment Company

It can be a stressful job trying to organise an office refurbishment. You’ll have to select the supplies and equipment you require, find a reputable supplier, discuss a price that is affordable and sort out delivery and installation. Just envisioning the amount of work to do can be enough to cause you to stick with your current office set up. But this isn’t the only way to plan for an office refurbishment. OfficeMan can provide you with an office refurbishment that is speedy, organised and straight forward. OfficeMan’s free service puts you in contact with the best office refurbishment suppliers in the business. Whether you need IT supplies, office furniture suppliers, fit out companies or removal firms, OfficeMan makes the job simple, meaning you are free to concentrate on the tasks that come with the day to day running of your own company.

OfficeMan allows you to make a comparison between the prices and services that can be obtained from all major office refurbishment suppliers in a fast and efficient manner. By choosing OfficeMan you will save cash and get the job done in next to no time. By signing up to OfficeMan you are safe in the knowledge that your details remain confidential and do not find themselves in the possession of any 3rd parties. We will only ever recommend trustworthy office refurbishment firms and our firms are reliant on your positive feedback so that they can generate business so it is up to them to offer the best services at a competitive rate.

Eco-Friendly Insurance Policies

Most things that we do or buy in our day-to-day lives now carry greater significance than ever before. No matter what it is we are doing, there is one question which is always on the tip of our tongue: “what impact is this having on the environment?”

‘Sustainability’ is a buzz word in almost every company and advertising campaign as more and more of us look for ways to protect our future and limit our impact upon the environment. There is no shortage of choice when it comes to ‘green’ alternatives – and the insurance market is no exception.

How can home insurance ‘go green’?

Most of the major insurance companies now offer policies that are aimed to attract the more eco-conscious amongst us – and this doesn’t only apply to the more obvious insurance policies, such as those for cars and other vehicles. It also applies to other everyday items covered by buildings and contents insurance policies.

Company Hybrid Vehicles

If you would like to increase  energy sustainability in your business performance, one thing that you should think about is  transportation. Vehicles that combine electricity and gas as their fuel, such as hybrid cars and trucks, are excellent solutions for those who want to go green. Hybrid cars are indeed interesting both for individuals and businesses. The use of hybrid cars are sometimes financially encouraged, however even more important is the environmentally friendly side of  the hybrid cars’ use.

What can be your contribution? If you are a business owner, there are a lot of ways to encourage your staff to purchase hybrid cars and drive them to work.

Green Hotels

Each time we plan a trip, with a little research at the Internet we can find hotels that are “Green”. These hotels are environmentally friendly, and it means that they try to reuse, reduce and recycle as much as possible.

What is the difference between a normal and a green hotel? At first glance not too much. But there are crucial differences in attitudes and ways of doing the things. For example, there are hotels that clean the rooms only upon request of clients. In that way the hotel cuts down on the quantity of laundry that needs to be washed and save water and electricity. This is just one of the ways of becoming environmentally friendly. There are many more others. The hotel can ask you to re-use your towels instead of having them washed every day. Some hotels have bins for glass, plastic and paper for easier recycling.

Many of the hotels are popular places for banquets and meetings, but also there can be done some useful changes toward becoming green. For instance, instead of individually wrapped sugar and individual cups of cream, pitchers for sugar and cream are the better option if a hotel wants to cut down on the waste. Also, there is less left over waste.

Furthermore, there are many devices that the hotel can use in order to be really environmentally friendly. Firstly, water-saving devices can save about 75 per cent of water, and it will not affect the flush in any way. However, the difference will be evident in cost. These devices such as the toilet tank fill divider and small parts that can be put into the head of a shower will not be even noticed by the clients but will cut down on the water usage.

These and similar measures can really decrease the amount of the waste and costs and, at the same time, it is done something good for the environment. We, as consumers, can contribute to developing of these types of hotels if we choose to stay in them. In that way more and more other hotels would realise the need of being environmentally friendly.

What To Do With Old Household Items?

Due to the rapid development of the technology, there are always available newer, better, and improved products for computer users. Subsequently, the quantity of waste is continuously rising. On a yearly level, one household probably purchases even more than one new computer. Also, small businesses and agencies contribute to waste increasing.

The main problem with TVs, computers and their monitors is that contain about 4 pounds of lead per unit. Throwing these items on common landfills can be dangerous because of the toxins from the lead that can not be biologically broken down. Several health problems can occur in children who are threatened by lead exposure.