Bacteria Electricity

We really can not ignore anymore all the innovations that scientists have found in order to encourage the use of alternative energy solutions. There are possibilities to live in energy efficient houses, to drive vehicles that use less fuel and less pollute, to harness  the sun, wind, heat, water.. even to harness plants!  Yes, flowers, fruit or vegetables can in fact create enough electricity to illuminate the garden where those plants grow. It may sound incredible, but the realization of this idea is perfectly possible.

Dutch scientists came up with this idea. There is being led an unusual experiment on the roof of a research institute of the University of Wageningen in the Netherlands. There are  12 plastic containers filled with water and mud in which scientists grow various plants. However, plants are not in the lead role. The significance is in the relation between plants and bacteria that work together. The formula is simple: the plants produce carbon  through photosynthesis  and roughly 40 per cent of organic matter is carried into the soil where there are many micro-organisms – bacteria and fungi.  The biologists have settled so-called bio-battery into the soil. These are two electrodes in which the growth of bacteria  can produce electricity.

You Don’t Have to be a Multimillionaire to Go Green!

Dreaming about winning a lottery? We don’t blame you — most lottery jackpots are pretty big. So even though you might be playing Euromillions numbers in hopes that you’ll be able to build a green paradise that will be the envy of all of the neighbors, the reality is that you don’t have to wait until you’ve got millions in the bank to be a steward of the environment. Yes, it’s true — there are things that you can do right here, right now to make your mark on the environment without hurting it.

One of those things is to make sure that you’re actually taking the time to replace the energy sources in your home with more energy-efficient materials. This can be as easy as changing out your light bulbs for CFL bulbs. These compact fluorescent darlings can actually save you a lot of money on your power bill over time, because they really do use less energy. You will also want to make sure that you’re using the lights only when they are really necessary. It’s tempting to think that you should just run the lights all the time, but you should have enough daylight during the day to get things done without turning on the lights. Try it out and see your energy bills go down!

Another area that usually makes a difference is the sealing up of all windows and doors in your home. You might not realize it, but those tiny cracks in your windows and doors let out a lot of power. You don’t want the electricity you pay for to cool and heat your home going right out the door, do you? Definitely not! That’s why proper insulation is an absolute must.

Paper Recycling

Along with the increase of the industry production and the population’s living standard, there is more and more waste. However, thanks to the awareness of some environmentalists people have recognized that waste can be used as a raw material for industry which less pollutes. At the same time, the raw material is cheaper and less energy is used during processing . With the growth of the population, the amount of waste will rise. But people have the opportunity to avoid further pollution and fully exhaustion of raw material sources. This opportunity is recycling. Among materials that can be again used in order to decrease the consumption of precious resources, to reduce water and energy consumption as well as to reduce air pollution is paper. It can be recycled, which includes collecting, processing and making again usable material. Paper is a product that is composed of interwoven cellulose fibers, but in the paper industry in addition to cellulose, other raw materials also can be used (mainly of mineral origin), depending on what kind of paper has to be made. Paper is the basic raw material in the graphic industry, where various types of paints and finishing are used. Colors are produced on the base of organic compounds (polymerised nylon) or inorganic compounds (metals, nonmetals and their compounds).

Paper can be divided into:
-stationery (office) paper
-tissue paper
-other types of paper

Furniture That Protects Environment

We have been already talking about Energy Efficient Houses that are being built in order to decrease the contamination of the planet due to the use of fossil fuels. Energy efficient houses are really something that everyone should admire because of the many advantages, but these houses also have to be furnished. For those who respect the environment and think green here are some options how to decorate and furnish their homes. Additionally, for those who want to establish a company or to develop their current business, there are presented the more environmentally-friendly ways and materials that can be used for making furniture.

What can you do?

In general, furniture is considerably less expensive nowadays. However, it has a less desirable effect to the environment, because it can often contain toxic materials which damage our surrounding. Also, furniture does not last, and in long term it is not cheaper because you have to buy more and more low quality items which ultimately pollute the environment. Each time you decide to purchase a new piece of furniture, think again do you really need a new one? You can restore your furniture, it can be again useful. Do it yourself or hire someone, maybe a restorer is able to give it a fresh new look using earth-friendly materials. Although it may be  more expensive to hire a restorer than to  buy a new piece of furniture, but remember you are doing it for the environment. Furthermore, there are second-hand options. In most cases, it can be restored and reused. Although it will need some cleaning, repairing or sanding, an eco-friendly finish can make it look new and usable.  Only be careful (or avoid completely) when reusing second hand mattress and sofas, unless these items are from someone you know. When you buy some household item, buy it from local craftspeople, so you will support the local economy and decrease the environmental cost of shipping. It is also important to choose a piece of furniture with low-toxicity, because there are

Green Architecture

The high cost of  imported fuels (liquid fuels and gas) and the need for energy independence conduct us towards a strategy of raised use of renewable energy sources. Energy independence of a country is presented as a ratio of renewable energy sources (geothermal, wind, water from hydropower, biomass, solar energy) and the amount of imported energy (liquid fuels and gas). For example, in developed European countries, renewable energy sources make up 10-12% of the total energy balance.

Environmental awareness obliges us to think of living in harmony with our surroundings using technologies that do not joepardize the planet. If we want to save life on Earth, the lifestyle and the way of building have to be changed. Inadequate approach to building  is one of the most significant contribution to the global warming. Our ancestors built according to their intuition in harmony with nature, but technical and technological development of civilization created the construction that exhaust fossil fuels, accumulate materials that cannot be recycled, encourage air pollution and alienation of man from nature. Now, it is the turn of developers and investors to design and build “green.”

Alternative Energy Solutions

According to the current situation, there will certainly be an energy change in the future. It is already known that there is an energy shortage so the mankind is at the front of the most significant crossroads. The question is whether will be the population used to change contemporary habits and use alternative sources.

The modern habits include the large use of vehicles, electricity and many other facilities that all require energy. The prime source of this required energy since the beginning of the industrial revolution has been the use of fossil fuels. They have been the muscles that have enabled us to develop to such heights. However, there is a problem because the reserves of fossil fuels are running out. The situation is even worse if we consider the fact that these sources can not be renewed. The only solution to overcome the increasing energy crisis is promoting alternative energy solutions.

Decrease Of the Fuel Consumption

Today, when the prices of oil are constantly growing the majority of people are concerned about the affordability of driving a vehicle. Not only the car owners are concerned; environmentalists also always warn that fossil fuels are running out and some other solution should be found.

One of the solutions would be to decrease the fuel consumption. For example, one can drive slower and maintain the same speed all time, or use air conditioning to the minimum as well as change the oil and the air filters in the car on a regular basis. However, the fuel saving would not be impressive and these procedures are not cost-free. Some people also decide to buy a car that saves fuel, but a statistic shows that as many as fifteen per cent of car buyers are not satisfied with its fuel saving features.

There is also the possibility to use products which saves fuel. Several categories are available on the market and one of them  are gas additives. They are really effective as far as costs are affected and a driver do not need to worry about possible low performance of the engine, high exhaust emissions or short engine life. These products are proven environmentally-friendly. The process of achieving these excellent properties is indeed

How Air is Polluted?

As we just breafly explained in the previous article Pure Air, air is the most important for our survival. However, air can be easily polluted  by the changes in atmosphere due to human occupation. For example, 1. changes due to respiration op people and animals – these are chiefly carbon dioxide, water vapors and organic matter and oxygen diminishes. It also raises the temperature; 2. changes due to combustion (of coal gas, oil, etc.) – mainly air pollution derived from coal in the process of combustion by the oxidation of carbon of the air is carbon dioxide. Carbon monoxide may also be formed by combustion; 3. decomposition (of organic – animal and vegetable matter)  there are released poisonous gases such as carbon dioxide, hydrogen sulphide, ammonia, carbon disulphide etc. Bacteria and fungi also grow rapidly in such air; 4. trade, traffic and manufacturing processes which give off dust, fumes, vapors, gases (due to dust etc.) – the inorganic particles of dust are chiefly composed of silica, aluminium silicate, carbonate, carbon magnesium and sodium

Pure Air

Life cannot exist without air.  Pure air is essential for healthy life and the purity of the atmosphere has direct impact on the relation between health and diseases. The uncomfortable feeling in a place is mainly due to the high temperature, excess of water-vapor and lack of air, movement which cause beat stagnation.

Of the two most essential elements that sustain life, air is of greater importance than water, as life cannot be sustain without air (oxygen) for more than 3 minutes, but one can survive for a few days without water. For maintenance of healthy life pure air  is necessary, because  it purifies the blood by interchange of O2 with CO2 in the lungs. It also regulates the body temperature and promotes digestion and assimilation. Air strengthens the body and nerves,  improves metabolism,  increases resistance against disease, etc.

Air is a mechanical mixture and not a chemical compound and the composition of air is more or less constant.  Water vapor varies with temperature. Traces of ammonia, organic matter, salts of sodium, ozone, dust and other mineral substances are also present in a variable quantity.

How to Reduce Air and Noise Pollution

In cities, the most complex anthropogenic formations,  a specific and often unfavourable ecological environment for man’s life has been created. All around we can find only concrete buildings, pavements, cars, crowded streets, therefore air pollution can not be avoided.  If we compare the quality of air in cities with those in rural areas, it can be concluded that it has much less oxygen and more bacteria and germs. One of the best assistants in the fight against harmful gases, dust and soot, and a good regulators of gas exchange are green areas, and their most important element – vegetation.