Recycling of Lead-acid Batteries

We can not imagine our lives without batteries. They are used in many purposes, such as they provide necessary alternative power for everything from computer systems, wireless or wired phones, home appliances  to hospital emergency lighting. In the cases of  power outage, lead batteries provide the necessary power in order to save, for example, computer data. Also, batteries power the majority of mobile vehicles both on land and sea, rail-road signals as well as air traffic control. However, The Federal Government classifies batteries as hazardous materials and their disposition have to be regulated. One way to dispose the batteries is through recycling.

Fortunately, most of the battery types can be recycled. Lead-acid automotive batteries can be recycled in very high percentage (about 90 per cent). Button cells are also frequently recycled, furthermore alkaline and rechargeable batteries can be recycled. As we said, lead-acid batteries have the highest percentage of recycle process. They are found in car and motorcycle batteries, UPS batteries, commercial batteries.. There are several types of lead-acid batteries, such as regular lead acid, sealed lead acid,  AGM batteries as well as gel type. These batteries pass through process of grinding, neutralization of acid and separating polymers from lead. Moreover, the lead from these batteries can be recycled. Elemental lead is very toxic, so it should not reach the waste stream. The recycling of old batteries is encouraged by the majority of governments instead of disposal of them with household waste. For example, in the United States, approximately 97% of lead from used batteries is recycled.

If you want to establish your own battery recycling plant, the following tips can help you:

At first register your business and take certificate to constitute the battery recycling plant. Then, you have to identify some local sources for used batteries, such as automotive repair shops or dealers of new and used cars. Inform these sources for your business. It is an essential step to install plastic or cardboard containers in different locations for collecting used batteries for recycling. Monitor them continually  and gather batteries for recycling and fees for your services.Take consultancy from the experienced battery recyclers and plant supplier because they can help you and advise before starting a good recycling business. They can guide you in the equipments description, pollution control system and many more things.



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