Solar Facade System

The well known and largely used energy resources of the planet, due to the increasing exploitation, are rapidly consumed. The world is already in a hectic search for alternative energy sources and technologies that can enable their implementation. Thus, the mass production of hybrid cars is announced , bio-fuel is already heavily used, as well as systems for the exploitation of wind energy, solar energy.In this manner, there is also a product that can  help in the process of  protecting the planet.

Kreuzroither Metallbau GmbH is a company from Austria which also tries to contribute to energy savings with a product called Heliopan BIST.  What is actually Heliopan? It is the “energy facade” that differs from conventional solar panels in that it offers a range of solutions in the choice of colors, shapes, sizes, and therefore many architectural features.  It can heat buildings, provide domestic hot water, power and at the same time improve the insulation and overall appearance of buildings. They are convinced that the Heliopan are building facades of the future. Heliopan energy panels, built-in blocks of glass and aluminum, all sizes and shapes, enable the efficient utilization of solar energy. They provide cooling in summer, winter heating, patented that can produce and store electricity. These panels are manufactured in 11 different colors, which all together give architects the opportunity for countless marvelous designs. The base of this  facade system are very delicate solar hot water collectors which are directly integrated into the shell of a building through aluminium glazing or structural glazing and become part of the building shell.

The advantages of these panels , with their energy potential, and the diversity of sizes, shapes and colors, and their exceptional applicability in construction. They can be used in the construction of office buildings, shopping centers, industrial buildings, hospitals, houses, training centers and so on. Preserving and restoring energy, this board, according to the Austrian company,  returns the investment in less than seven years. Moreover, their environmental contribution should not be neglected: every kilowatt of produced energy reduces the emission of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. Through the use of this technology energy consumption and carbon output of buildings  can be reduced by up to 70%. This has been achieved on several projects in Europe. Each  building that uses Heliopan BIST  can become energy independent and in some cases even can produce more energy than what it consumes, making it a plus energy building.

The company that produces these panels is quite convincing in presenting the quality and benefits of energy Heliopan facade panels. With the already mentioned Heliopan facades, which is considered as a great construction material in future, this company produces also  facades and roofs made of aluminum, aluminum windows and entrances, aluminum and steel fire doors, building elements combined aluminum- glass and steel-glass as well as various other types of locksmith and facade designs.

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    Great Article. Solar panel technology is becoming increasingly popular and this is just another example of how it can be used in a corporate environment.

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