Plastic Recycling

Once upon a time, there were not plastic bags, plastic bottles, packages, dangerous waste.. It would be the beginning of a tale, maybe not of a fairy-tale, rather of a realistic story. Yes, the harsh reality is that there is no longer any uncontaminated area on the whole World. Our life-style conducts all these changes that have occurred since the invention of plastic. We use artificial and unnatural substances as a basic material for almost all goods that are manufactured for packaging, home construction, transportation, toys, appliances, containers, clothing, home and industrial furnishing and so on. Moreover, we can hardly find any food or drink at supermarkets that are not wrapped into plastic foil and boxes. This is the mirror of our contemporary habits and the majority of people could not easily live without it. It seems impossible even to imagine life without all those household items and accessories that we use.

Recently, scientist and environmentalists have started to warn about the side effects of the artificial materials. Plastic products do not decompose after their use and they could last in the environment for up to a thousand years. The problem of waste plastic is taking a large volume of space in landfills. To lower the amount of plastic waste, we should reduce the amount of packaging used on products, we can re-use packaging more than once and we can recycle the used materials. The recycling of plastic waste contributes to reduce electricity consumption and thereby reduce emissions, so we should learn something about plastic recycling.