Boost Your Business on Valentine’s Day

Big holidays are always a great opportunity to boost your sales. With Valentine’s Day just around the corner you may be thinking the same thing. Be sure to be super ready, because you must use the world’s 2nd gift-giving holiday to increase exposure of your small business and by all means sell as many as you can.

Of course a lot of things is determine by the business you do, but even if your business is not so very marketable on Valentine’s Day there are a few things you can do to increase your presence in the market, and take a small portion, even though your are not in direct contact with holiday.

Boost your business on Valentine’s Day

Green Revolution

Green Revolution
At the end of the last century, the world intensively started to pay attention to the environment, and at the same time the need for a healthier diet developed. There was a fundamental change in public consciousness that nature is not something that is God-given, but the only home that must be fostered and preserved. World governments reacted by introducing legal regulations which in turn stimulated the development of businesses related to this industry. “Environmental marketing”, “Organic marketing” or “Green marketing” are some of the terms used in marketing of products that are beneficial to the environment.

The difficulties about definition
Nineties of the last century were called “environmental decade” because the environmental and social care significantly affected the purchasing decisions of consumers. The concern for the environment in which we live and the needs of customers for green products have led to the development of green marketing. Definition of this type of marketing creates a challenge in itself, because its definition in commercial, social and environmental terms have somewhat contradictory meanings. Marketing of products that are presumed to be safe for man’s environment is a commercial definition, developing and marketing of products that have minimal negative impacts to the environment or to improving of its quality is a sociological definition, and ecological definition applies to organizations that promote, produce and pack products that are appropriate and acceptable for the environment.

Identification of consumer
Green marketing covers a wide range of activities that includes the modification of products, processes, packaging and advertising. First, it is important to locate and identify the consumer, then assess how this group of consumers is informed, and what additional training is needed to expand and strengthen it. If we observe the demographics of buyers of environmentally friendly products, women are more interested in the environment than men, often buy organic products and women are more engaged in sorting waste for recycling.
However, both sexes are equally represented in the activities of preserving the environment in which we live. Also, people with higher incomes and higher levels of education, and therefore greater access to information, often pay more attention to organic products and the environment. Psychological indicators of consumers tell us that people with conservative values do not want to complicate their life with the changes or do not want to be part of something that does not comply with basic standards. Therefore, they are not open to changes in standards and purchase green products. On the other hand, people who buy organic products attach more importance to internal values such as happiness and personal fulfillment, while people who are not fond of buying such products respect more external values such as sense of belonging, security and respect. Observing the behavior of customers who use green products to a large extent has shown that the opinion of other people, states and environmental groups have huge impact of them. They also have a strong identity and high degree of concern for the environment.