3 Tips for Smarter Green Car Shopping

People in general and motorists in particular, are waking up to the fact that green is good when it comes to making the right choice on buying your next car.

Making a difference

These days it is not just about the car makers having to demonstrate a sense of responsibility it is also about what we do as individuals and the contribution we make to reduce our impact on climate change.

Collective responsibility is certainly starting to take hold amongst motorists and the impact that you choice of car can have is not just about saving the planet, you will also be able to save money all round with reduced running costs, so it is a win-win situation that should help you to pick a car that meets the right criteria.

What to look for in a green car

Ideally you are looking for a hybrid car, which is essentially a vehicle that uses more than means of propulsion. The current definition of a hybrid car is one that combines an internal combustion engine that runs on petrol with an electric motor. The major advantage of this arrangement is that the car will use less fuel than a conventional car and also produce less CO2 emissions, it will also often be subject to much lower road taxes and personal taxation rates if you drive one as a company car.

hybrid car
A hybrid uses a smart computer system to switch between the electric motor which will operate at low speeds and then switches to the petrol engine at faster speeds, or a combination of the two to achieve maximum fuel efficiency.

A plug-in hybrid is also worth considering as it is almost a fully electric car that can be plugged in to re-charge the battery but also has the capability of being re-charged on the move using solar technology. There are fully electric car’s already available but some people are still slightly concerned about the driving time available between charges, although technology is rapidly rendering this argument as a fairly pointless debate, due to increased performance levels and greater durability now being achieved.

What car should you buy?

Although the choice of hybrids and electric cars is still not as vast as conventional vehicles there are still a reasonable amount of choices in every category from family saloon to SUV and even sports cars, so there really should not be any reason why you cannot find a car that suits your needs and meets all the right green credentials.

Smart ForTwo is a good example of a fuel efficient micro car that ticks a lot of boxes when it comes to commuting and getting around without it costing you or the environment too much. You can also get a fully electric version of this car and there are of course other contenders in this category that will have similar appeal.

Ford have always been popular when it comes to family motoring solutions and their 2013 Fusion Hybrid offers strong performance combined with great fuel economy and is well worth considering in this category.
Every major car manufacturer now offers a choice of Hybrid or even electric car and many of them satisfy the demand for excellent green credentials without compromising on drive, performance or comfort and space.

Next time you go shopping for a car, make sure you check out its green credentials thoroughly, it is not something you will find on your driving theory test. That way you can help to save the environment and also save some money as well.

Gillian Kearney enjoys reviewing cars for various automotive blogs based on her experience as an environmental researcher. She enjoys sharing her research online.

The Benefits of Driving a Green-Economical Car

Purchasing a green-economical car is an option which has numerous advantages. It benefits you because you will save money in various ways over the long term and it also benefits the environment.

The Advantages

Perhaps the best thing about an eco-friendly car is that fuel consumption is reduced. This is obviously much better for the environment and it will save you a lot of money. Green cars use considerably less fuel and can go for many more miles for every gallon than ordinary vehicles.

As fuel consumption is much lower, green vehicles are less harmful to the quality of air. Pollution levels are reduced considerably as eco-friendly cars emit significantly lower amounts of harmful gases such as carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide.

Another thing to consider is that opting for a green, eco-friendly vehicle means cheap car insurance. Statistics show that eco-friendly cars are not as vulnerable to theft as ordinary cars and this is the major reason why your insurance premium is likely to be lower. In addition, eco-friendly cars are statistically less likely to be involved in accidents, which is something else that insurers take into account when calculating your premium.

The amount you pay in car tax is also considerably less when you buy a green car. While the new car tax system is relatively complex, for those operating the greenest of vehicles it is really rather simple. All cars that have a CO2 emission level of less than 100 g\km do not have to pay car tax.