5 Energy Efficiency Tips

Either you live in the brand new house or the old one, or even apartment you undoubtedly want to make your home more energy efficient. We gather some energy efficient experts and consult with them about easiest way to developing modern, cost-effective solutions to reduce amount of money spending on the energy bill. They are all agree about five basic rules which every household need to follow in order to be more energy efficient. No matter what time of the year it is, or how much your pockets are deep, this strategies will without a doubt improve your home’s energy efficiency and save you from headache next time you’re about to open energy bill.

energy efficiency
Despite these five steps, it is good to engage the energy efficiency expert so that he made ??a study for your house to easily and in the very best way use its resources, and therefore reduce unnecessary costs. It may be necessary a few upgrades, but single expense better way to go then spending a fortune on the electricity bill that comes every month. Experts we gather are saying that almost every house, either new or old, can save somewhere between 15-30 percent in energy costs, or even more, without some big trouble.

Green Your Easter

It’s Easter time once again! Easter is about the return of spring, and what’s better way to celebrate Easter than going green. You can use Easter to teach your kids thing or two about how to be more eco-friendly, and we have just perfect ideas for you. Sustainable celebration of Easter is right way to go, you can start with a few little steps and in no time you’ll be surprised how much you can do for environment.
Green Your Easter

Easy Solutions to Global Warming at our Fingertips

With so much information out there about global warming and the effects that are causing natural disasters, is there anything we as individuals can do
to make a difference? Yep! You don’t need to move mountains, but a small pebble can really make ripples that can create positive changes world
wide. Here’s a few “pebbles” you can use today!

We all feel we have a purpose in life. As more of us become aware of the damaging effects of global warming, we are also concerned about practical
solutions to the problem. Most importantly, how can we fit in as part of the solution, instead of the problem?

Unfortunately, many of us become overwhelmed when we watch the ever-increasing natural disasters and it starts to feel like the world is crashing
around us. I remember watching the plane hit the World Trade Center over and over and over again. I remember being completely paralyzed to the
television. Sleep was optional, but only in between important news breaks. I felt helpless. I wanted to understand the reasoning behind the attacks to
ease my fears of possible future attacks, but I mainly wanted a sense of control back into my life.