5 Ways to Save Energy

It seems that this winter is a longest one, but we have that feeling almost every year. With that in mind one thing is sure – energy bills are on the rise once again. Freeze is not an option, but to cut back on energy use certainly is. We are going to show you a few practical ways to accomplish that job. So, here are 5 ways to save energy, and prevent a huge electric bill.
10 Ways to Save Energy

1. Redecorate for efficiency

It’s always fun to redecorate your home. If you already decorated it for style, now it’s time to redecorate for efficiency. Make sure that there is no furniture, drapery or other obstructions blocking the airflow of your heating and cooling vents. Having things in front of vents slows the flow of air into your rooms. The same thing is with radiators and baseboard heating. For maximum efficiency leave at least a half meter of space around all air registers and baseboard heaters.

Four ways in which I can I make my home more eco-friendly?

With energy prices reaching an all-time high, being environmentally proactive is more important than ever. No longer is it simply “eco-warriors” that are flying the flag for making your home efficient and trying to save some money in the process.

With these four easy steps, you can make your home resourceful and save cash in the process. Some of these tips will be easier that you imagined and won’t take long to implement!

Swap your curtains for vertical blinds

Curtains are cosy in the winter when those dark nights draw in. However, if you use vertical blinds instead, you can get every bit of the daylight into your room and keep it light for as long as possible. This may seem a bit drastic, but it also helps in the summer too, by allowing you to easily close the blinds to keep sunshine out, but allow the room to remain light. Vertical blinds are cheap and you can find plenty of places where you can get them fit exactly to your window.

Ensure windows are airtight

I heard a fact that if you see spider’s webs around a window, this could mean that you have a draft of air coming through (and therefore allow spiders to catch flies). Check your entire home for little leaks of air around piping or under doors. Although it may not seem such a big way in which to save money, your heating bills will say otherwise as rooms will be quicker to heat and stay warmer for longer. If your house is already insulated, this is a really good way to make sure you are keeping your house warm.

Standby to lose the red lights

Electrical goods that are left on standby can eat up a huge amount of energy. With pretty much everything plugged in in the 21st century, it makes sense to buy plug socket converters that automatically cut the power to your electrical goods when they are switched off. Alternatively, you could buy a long multi-socket adapter which can allow you to turn everything off at once.
It is a difficult habit to get used to, but once you get everyone doing it, it becomes second nature.

Recycle your food waste

You can now buy various odourless containers where you can place your food waste and allow it to turn into compost. Although it is not something everyone would want in their kitchens, I have one and they are very good. You simply continue to top it up with sawdust like power, which encourages the waste to break down and become food for your daisies! This would save money, especially for the keen gardeners out there.

This is a variety of simple ways in which you can save money by becoming more eco-friendly. I would love to hear about the ways that I have missed so leave a comment with your own green tips!

Written by Jonathan who is interested in encouraging individuals and businesses to become more environmentally efficient and currently working on behalf of Vertical Blinds Direct.

Moving with the Times

As time goes by technology and new innovations advance which often leads us into new areas of industry that never existed a few decades ago. This comes as great news to a struggling economy as there are new jobs available in online technology and energy saving companies, especially young companies in similar areas. Of course this has adverse effects on aging sectors as a result, but this is perhaps a form of ‘industrial evolution’ that is bound to occur and has done at certain points through history.

Tradesmen will always has a job, but in today’s society been able to know your way around a website is just as lucrative as knowing your way around a guy engine for example. Online skills and expertise are invaluable to businesses trading locally, nationally or internationally. Energy efficiency has become a worldwide issue which means there’s a market to be exploited – already you will find hundreds of company’s online offering services to make your home as efficient as possible. This includes making use of solar energy, installing energy efficient appliances and even collecting drain water for home water usage purposes.