Furniture That Protects Environment

We have been already talking about Energy Efficient Houses that are being built in order to decrease the contamination of the planet due to the use of fossil fuels. Energy efficient houses are really something that everyone should admire because of the many advantages, but these houses also have to be furnished. For those who respect the environment and think green here are some options how to decorate and furnish their homes. Additionally, for those who want to establish a company or to develop their current business, there are presented the more environmentally-friendly ways and materials that can be used for making furniture.

What can you do?

In general, furniture is considerably less expensive nowadays. However, it has a less desirable effect to the environment, because it can often contain toxic materials which damage our surrounding. Also, furniture does not last, and in long term it is not cheaper because you have to buy more and more low quality items which ultimately pollute the environment. Each time you decide to purchase a new piece of furniture, think again do you really need a new one? You can restore your furniture, it can be again useful. Do it yourself or hire someone, maybe a restorer is able to give it a fresh new look using earth-friendly materials. Although it may be  more expensive to hire a restorer than to  buy a new piece of furniture, but remember you are doing it for the environment. Furthermore, there are second-hand options. In most cases, it can be restored and reused. Although it will need some cleaning, repairing or sanding, an eco-friendly finish can make it look new and usable.  Only be careful (or avoid completely) when reusing second hand mattress and sofas, unless these items are from someone you know. When you buy some household item, buy it from local craftspeople, so you will support the local economy and decrease the environmental cost of shipping. It is also important to choose a piece of furniture with low-toxicity, because there are

Why Recycle?

What can be recycled? Many of items that we use daily: plastics, glass, ceramics,  paper, cardboard, aluminum, iron, electronic and electrical waste,and so on.


Paper is obtained from wood processing in factories with the help of numerous chemical agents. At the same time, old and large forests disappear and there is a great risk of river pollution.
In order to avoid damaging of the environment, it is possible to re-collect the paper that we no longer need and give it to recycling. Moreover, processing of waste paper uses up to 60% less energy than if the product is received from natural materials (wood). Also, the processing of already used paper utilizes 15% less