Green Hotels

Each time we plan a trip, with a little research at the Internet we can find hotels that are “Green”. These hotels are environmentally friendly, and it means that they try to reuse, reduce and recycle as much as possible.

What is the difference between a normal and a green hotel? At first glance not too much. But there are crucial differences in attitudes and ways of doing the things. For example, there are hotels that clean the rooms only upon request of clients. In that way the hotel cuts down on the quantity of laundry that needs to be washed and save water and electricity. This is just one of the ways of becoming environmentally friendly. There are many more others. The hotel can ask you to re-use your towels instead of having them washed every day. Some hotels have bins for glass, plastic and paper for easier recycling.

Many of the hotels are popular places for banquets and meetings, but also there can be done some useful changes toward becoming green. For instance, instead of individually wrapped sugar and individual cups of cream, pitchers for sugar and cream are the better option if a hotel wants to cut down on the waste. Also, there is less left over waste.

Furthermore, there are many devices that the hotel can use in order to be really environmentally friendly. Firstly, water-saving devices can save about 75 per cent of water, and it will not affect the flush in any way. However, the difference will be evident in cost. These devices such as the toilet tank fill divider and small parts that can be put into the head of a shower will not be even noticed by the clients but will cut down on the water usage.

These and similar measures can really decrease the amount of the waste and costs and, at the same time, it is done something good for the environment. We, as consumers, can contribute to developing of these types of hotels if we choose to stay in them. In that way more and more other hotels would realise the need of being environmentally friendly.

Worldwide Recycling

Since 1997, November 15 has been dedicated to recycling – it is America Recycles Day and this annual event has been launched by the National Recycling Coalition. Nowadays, as it is known, the matter of  reuse and recycle raw materials is really urgent. According to some statistics, the mankind has reached a worldwide population of 7 billion. Thus there is too much waste and America is responsible for consuming a disproportionate share of the planet’s resources. In many countries recycling is done by necessity, in others, reusing materials is done in a creative and useful way by artists, governments and businesses. Almost every used product or packaging maybe used as an artwork or other new, useful thing. Here are some purposes, ways how one material can act as a new, raw material for creating others:

As we consider recycling from the angle of industrial manufacturing, Ecotech Recycling Social Enterprise has done a good job. Managing Director Ming Cheung in this photo poses with fuel oil converted from plastic waste in front of his “Plastic Waste-to-Fuel System” plant,  Hong Kong , August 24, 2011. The project is designed to support the practical and cost effective solution to plastic waste management with energy regeneration. The result of this prototype machine is converting three tons of plastic waste into 1,000 liters of fuel oil daily. This fuel oil need further refinement and then it is suitable for diesel engine usage.


There is an interesting example where plastic bottles and other recycled plastic and waste products are reused. Precisely,  11.000 reclaimed bottles are