Government Cuts to Solar Power Funding

Governments across the world are trying to cut the funding available to solar power industries as FiT schemes earn solar panel owners hundreds of pounds.

Feed-in Tariff schemes were introduced in many countries to boost their solar power industries – Homeowners and businesses generating electricity from solar panel systems could give excess electricity back to the national grid, and earn money for every KW of energy they produced. As solar power starts to take off, those in charge are now looking to reduce the level of funding the industries receive as the costs start to run ever higher.

In the UK, homeowners could earn 43p for every KW of electricity they fed back to the grid, but now the government is rushing through proposals that would cut the rates down to 21p a KW, halving the amount they can earn through solar power.

Germany is also trying to reduce their funding to renewable energy, reducing their rates every month by €0.15 from May 1st, until 2013. Further cuts will then be made every year until 2016, reducing the incentive for many to go through the hassle and expense of installing solar panels in their home.

Office Space Rochdale

Location, Location, Location: Where should my Business be Based? Whether you’re looking for a new company building in Bristol or any office space Rochdale has to offer, the UK has a wide range of business parks and offices to suit any needs. A business needs a home and headquarters, but where should that home be?

First and foremost, a key consideration is where are your clients? Businesses whose client bases are specifically in one location will almost inevitably settle in that area, regardless of whatever extra costs it might incur. There is little benefit to a company running its core business out of the Cayman Islands when all its customers are back home in the UK, despite the obvious weather and tax considerations.