The Benefits of Driving a Green-Economical Car

Purchasing a green-economical car is an option which has numerous advantages. It benefits you because you will save money in various ways over the long term and it also benefits the environment.

The Advantages

Perhaps the best thing about an eco-friendly car is that fuel consumption is reduced. This is obviously much better for the environment and it will save you a lot of money. Green cars use considerably less fuel and can go for many more miles for every gallon than ordinary vehicles.

As fuel consumption is much lower, green vehicles are less harmful to the quality of air. Pollution levels are reduced considerably as eco-friendly cars emit significantly lower amounts of harmful gases such as carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide.

Another thing to consider is that opting for a green, eco-friendly vehicle means cheap car insurance. Statistics show that eco-friendly cars are not as vulnerable to theft as ordinary cars and this is the major reason why your insurance premium is likely to be lower. In addition, eco-friendly cars are statistically less likely to be involved in accidents, which is something else that insurers take into account when calculating your premium.

The amount you pay in car tax is also considerably less when you buy a green car. While the new car tax system is relatively complex, for those operating the greenest of vehicles it is really rather simple. All cars that have a CO2 emission level of less than 100 g\km do not have to pay car tax.

Finally, another great advantage of going green is that it can lead to the creation of numerous new jobs. The advent of eco-friendly cars is no exception to this as more specialised positions are always being created as the new technology continues to advance. This has obvious benefits for the overall economy.

The Disadvantages

It would be unfair not to highlight a few disadvantages that come with owning a green, eco-friendly car, although it should be noted that most of these issues are being addressed by manufacturers. The maintenance of the vehicles has thus far proved to be something of a problem simply because it requires specially trained mechanics, who until now have been relatively hard to find. Fortunately, more trained mechanics can be found in various regions now, ensuring that green car owners don’t have to drive for miles just to get their vehicle repaired. Another disadvantage of buying a green eco-friendly car would be the higher cost of auto parts and repair maintenance due to the fact that there are less of these cars on the road.

Another potential problem is that some people find the initial higher outlay to be something of an issue, although the long-term reduced running costs soon cancel out this factor. The problem of only being able to travel short distances before the battery requires charging has also been a problem but manufacturers are fast developing long-life batteries designed to address this.

Most people conclude that the advantages of a green vehicle far outweigh the disadvantages. Both the environment and the economy benefit as more and more people opt for greener vehicles and with cheaper car tax and insurance in addition to decreased fuel costs an eco-friendly car has many personal advantages too.

This guest post has been written and contributed on behalf of the price comparison site SO Switch.

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