The Billionaires of Future

Along with the extreme increase in the number of poor in the world, the list of enormously rich people also rise. According to Forbes list, the richest man in the world is Carlos Slim, followed by Americans Bill Gates and Warren Buffett. Last year, the fastest-enriched was Mark Zuckerberg, the founder of Facebook.

The wealth of the world’s billionaires has increased by 25 percent, to 4.5 trillion dollars, which exceeds the gross domestic product of Germany. Their average wealth was increased to 3.7 billion. According to Forbes estimate, the number of superrich women  increased to 102 from 89 in the previous year. It is interesting that in China the number of billionaires has doubled and now there is 115. In Russia, there are 101 billionaires. Moscow has more billionaires than 79 (compared to New York City which has 58). India has increased its number of billionaires in six and now has 55, but their wealth on average is higher than the wealth of Chinese billionaires. 30 billionaires live in Brazil. Brazil, Russia, India and China “produce” the half of 214 new billionaires in the world.

The number of nouveau riche in the Asia-Pacific region last year was 105. The region now has 332 billionaires, significantly more than the previous year when there were 234. For the first time in the last ten years there are more billionaires in Asia( 332) than in Europe (300).

The number of extremely rich people in the U.S. increased by only six per cent – there are 413, in China by 47 percent and in Russia by 30 percent. Russians are the most wealthy due to rising prices of natural resources, and the Chinese for very aggressive expansion of production. According to Forbes, the most billionaires emerged in the field of energy, fashion, trade, manufacturing, finance and companies with diverse activities.

Indeed, these people know how to make money. They use their intelligence, imagination, visions, knowledge, and experience. Also, some luck is necessary for a company to make big profit, but the most responsible factor is a certain circumstance. If the world needs energy resources, it is probably that a country with diverse energy resources will conduct the situation. However, the world should shift the emphasis to the alternative energy solutions, recycling, reusing and saving. It is the future of our population and there will be companies and their leaders in the top of this list which do something really useful for the globe and for the mankind in general.  Also this earned money, let us say green money, should be used for ecological purposes!

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