Top quirky cars for fun businesses

Business motoring doesn’t have to be boring. Just because you have to travel a great many miles every year doesn’t mean that your business car has to be a pure workhorse with no fun in its DNA. Indeed, business car users have a grand choice of fun-to-drive cars right now, and these cars can still turn in great economy and comfort too, for when the motorway miles get longer and longer. Here are some top business car choices that offer something a little different.

The Audi A1

Audi A1

Audi’s small yet perfectly-formed A1 model is a top choice for business car users looking for something a little different. It looks great, it’s fun to drive, and when you need it to it can also turn in some very impressive fuel economy.

From the outside we see Audi’s very latest design language with plenty of sharp angles and heavy creases to the bodywork; all finishing in a neat and tidy hatchback rear end. Inside we see a very modern and well-finished interior that while it’s not the biggest in the Audi range, it does offer good space for four adults to travel inside, or indeed five at a bit of a squeeze. The boot is also a respectable size for the class of car. The engine range is among the most frugal of any car in its class, and if you get your new Audi A1 on a contract hire scheme you’ll enjoy all of the engine and trim choices you can think of. Click here for some great contract hire offers.

The Honda CRZ

Honda CRZ

The Honda CRZ is a cracking little hybrid coupe for those that like their cars a little different from the norm. It’s futuristically styled and comes with some very cool design touches like LED daytime running lights and a swopping, coupe-like roof line.

The CRZ is powered by a mix of petrol and electricity, with the petrol engine at the front and the electric system at the rear. These two power systems combine for fun performance and good fuel economy. It’s low CO2 figure makes it good for company car tax too. And the CRZ’s interior with lots of LEDs and eco-graphics is a whole lot of fun.

The Skoda Octavia

Skoda Octavia

The Octavia has long been a big-seller for Skoda; mixing understated style with huge interiors and a good range of fast or frugal engines. Well, there’s now a new Octavia in town and its had a really head-turning design treatment.

It’s sharp, angular and a whole lot more aggressive-looking than the car it replaces, but you still get all of the practical good stuff to go with this cooler new style. The interior space is still up there with the very biggest in its class and the boot is simply huge. And that’s just the Octavia saloon. Go for the Octavia estate and you’ll have more than enough space for two weeks away camping with the family.

With its great new style, huge space and quality fit and finish, all the new Octavia needs is a comprehensive range of the latest Skoda engines, and the new car gets these. Frugal diesel engines that are perfect for those long motorway hauls, or potent petrol engines for the more enthusiastic drivers out there. The choice is yours, and the choice is huge.

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