What To Do With Old Household Items?

Due to the rapid development of the technology, there are always available newer, better, and improved products for computer users. Subsequently, the quantity of waste is continuously rising. On a yearly level, one household probably purchases even more than one new computer. Also, small businesses and agencies contribute to waste increasing.

The main problem with TVs, computers and their monitors is that contain about 4 pounds of lead per unit. Throwing these items on common landfills can be dangerous because of the toxins from the lead that can not be biologically broken down. Several health problems can occur in children who are threatened by lead exposure. Some of them are learning disabilities and behaviour issues, however in extreme cases (with high doses of lead) seizures, coma and even death are reported. Furthermore, lead toxins can easily seep into a water source and then the contamination takes large consequences. The plastic parts from the household items are the second issue. Computer screens and TVs are made of plastic that is resistant to flames. This component in plastic can have some kind of negative results, however, the exact results of exposure to this additive are not documented.

Knowing these facts, it is clear that these potentially hazardous materials should not be thrown out on regular landfills. Instead of that, there are many other options for disposal of outdated technology. There are communities which run a program for receiving older CRTs TVs for recycling. In case that your town does not have such a program, than find a local TV repair shop or an electronics retailer. Maybe they are able to reuse what you want to throw out. Fortunately, there are areas with electronic recycling companies that are willing to come to your home and pick up such items. From there they are responsible for the recycling of the items. Even some pieces and components of electronic equipment can be reused or sold in parts. There are always ways to find somebody who will recycle or reuse your old items, and in that way you can contribute to decreasing of contamination.

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