You Don’t Have to be a Multimillionaire to Go Green!

Dreaming about winning a lottery? We don’t blame you — most lottery jackpots are pretty big. So even though you might be playing Euromillions numbers in hopes that you’ll be able to build a green paradise that will be the envy of all of the neighbors, the reality is that you don’t have to wait until you’ve got millions in the bank to be a steward of the environment. Yes, it’s true — there are things that you can do right here, right now to make your mark on the environment without hurting it.

One of those things is to make sure that you’re actually taking the time to replace the energy sources in your home with more energy-efficient materials. This can be as easy as changing out your light bulbs for CFL bulbs. These compact fluorescent darlings can actually save you a lot of money on your power bill over time, because they really do use less energy. You will also want to make sure that you’re using the lights only when they are really necessary. It’s tempting to think that you should just run the lights all the time, but you should have enough daylight during the day to get things done without turning on the lights. Try it out and see your energy bills go down!

Another area that usually makes a difference is the sealing up of all windows and doors in your home. You might not realize it, but those tiny cracks in your windows and doors let out a lot of power. You don’t want the electricity you pay for to cool and heat your home going right out the door, do you? Definitely not! That’s why proper insulation is an absolute must.

Water usage is something that you can also control. you don’t want to be the family on the street that has to have the water running just to brush your teeth. You can get your toothbrush wet, begin brushing, and then use the water to rinse when you’re finished. It’s the same way with showers — they are much more efficient than baths. Baths take up a lot of water that could be used a lot more efficiently as well. The truth is that you really want to be able to conserve your resources as much as possible if you really want to get things done — so why not make today that special day, right here, right now?

Once you can really see the results come in that you’re using less energy, you’ll be glad you did. And you didn’t even need to have millions in the bank, imagine that!

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